Peanut Butter High Protein 24g Protein 350g
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Peanut Butter High Protein 24g Protein 350g

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The Ingredients:-Roasted Peanut Butter 80%, Isolated Whey Protein 20%.

-Each Service of 2 tablespoons =24g of protein and gives you what equals 3 white eggs and also equals 1 Protein Bar, go ahead and use it with slices of brown bread or with your favorite scoop of protein. Or - anyway you like.

-Peanut Butter high-protein is the first peanut butter product with High protein in the Arab market and Egypt, the ratio of protein per dose reaches 24 g of protein (it is new and wonderful) High protein peanut butter has been manufactured and added to it, and any raw protein without flavors to suit all bodybuilders And athletes, as it is a mixture of the wonderful taste of healthy peanut butter rich in vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats as well as an increase in protein doses for a whole healthy diet, it really contains great benefits

-Organic Bliss Peanut Butter High Protein is the best essential ingredient to add to your daily diet, with effective results and excellent results.

-Peanut Butter High-PROTEIN Especially for people who practice bodybuilding because they need a lot of daily protein, because the increase in protein helps to increase and build muscle, and it is also used during periods of cutting or bulking in gym programs.

-Recovery, Repair, Recharged. yes, it is Peanut Butter.

Customer Reviews

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Mr/Remon Salama

حلو جدا بصراحه
ومفيد اوي اوي اوي
وطعمه جميل

Dr/Hossam Elsayed
Very good

I am happy to find this Great Peanut butter with this high quality in Egypt

ahmed murad omar
منتج قوي جدا

طعمها حلو اوي ومنتج جودة عالية - وعالي البروتين فعلا
باستخدمة قبل التمارين علشان الطاقة رائع
شكرا ليكوا

Mahmoud Ahmed

Very good quality and taste

Mahmoud El-Zayat
Very cool

Very nice product Hi-Pro 24g protein per service, it is a fantastic item, I enjoyed so much by Gym.
I am using it before Gym give me full power and I am doing good Exercises.
thanks so much, Organic Bliss Co.

(Imagine): -

  • How happy and easy life will be with Peanut Butter from Organic Bliss anywhere and anytime, becase the multiplicity of features and functions in this product will dazzle you because every spoon you will go through is a different test according to your desire and gives you the activity and vitality of your life.
  • (Never worry): -

  • The peanut butter from Organic Bliss does not cause constipation,does not cause gas, because the peanut butter from Organic Bliss does not raise pressure or cholesterol, peanut butter without hydrogenated oils from Oganic Bliss, does not cause any problems in the colon because Peanut butter is made from the finest types of peanuts and from the best Egyptian farms. Organic peanut butter has no additives such as hydrogenated oils, without sugar, low in fat, and thus does not cause pressure and cholesterol increase, it is 100% natural.
  • (Super Food):-

  • Healthy peanut butter is rich in vitamins, minerals, healthy fats and great protein for a healthy and complete diet. It's a very tasty blend of crunchy and fluffy peanut butter, and it may also aid in weight loss.
  • (Try it):-

  • It is the best staple to add to your daily diet, great taste test. You will change your mind about the peanut butter you see. Peanut Butter For Dieting. Also test peanut butter for fattening and weight gain. It's great either way and it either exceeds or reduces doses.
  • (How to use): -

  • How to use peanut butter, use peanut butter with oats, peanut butter with cookies, peanut butter with honey, peanut butter with cake, juicy peanut butter, peanut butter with ice cream, Peanut butter at home, peanut butter at home, peanut butter with milkshake, peanut butter for desserts.
  • (Types of peanut butter):

  • Smooth peanut butter, Crunchy peanut butter, the best type of peanut butter in Egypt.
  • We brought you the wonderful taste of natural Peanut Butter with excellent health benefits without any harmful substances that help you with daily activity, vitality and energy, and Happiness-(It is suitable for you).
  • Packed in a glass jar to ensure that no chemical reaction occurs with the plastic.
  • It is identical to the Egyptian Standard No. 2005/3258.
  • Keep in a cool dry place.
  • Valid for 18 months from the date of production.
  • Net Weight: 350g
  • There save self Seal on the jar to make sure nobody opens it before you.
  • Wood Spoon Gift With Order